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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Cupcakes and stamps...

Hi all,

Again, sorry for the lack of posts...I'm really bad at this!!

I have a few things to update you on...firstly:

I was asked to make some cupcakes for one of the ladies in works 50th birthday! Here is the finished article:

Not bad for my first order - here is a close up:

These were just vanilla cupcakes, with a vanilla buttercream. I have cut out circles on red fondant with added tylo, and piped on the numbers and dots using "Royal Icing". You can either make this yourself or buy it in the shops in a box. The making it method includes using egg whites with icing sugar, so unless you need a lot, I'd buy in the box form and you can make up what you need as otherwise you'll need to be able to use a lot or freeze it.

Also, I have recently bought a job lot of cutters/stamps for sugarcraft. They took around 5 weeks to arrive because they came from Hong Kong, but not bad for around £18!!

I have had a play with two of the cutters and have made a carnation and a gerbera. these both have tylo in the fondant so will dry quite hard.

You'll notice these are setting in a paint palette. I have found this one to be particularly useful - and it only cost me 99p from "The Works"!

I do have some updates from my course - which has now finished - but I just need to upload the photos.

Speak Soon


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