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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

God Save The Queen....and Jubilee cookies...


It's been all over the news for the past...what....year?

The Queens diamond jubilee finally arrived last week with some rain, some music, some ceremony but most of all - a whole lot of baking!

Now, I only get the "whole lot of baking" from the sheer amount of cakes and bakes I saw being posted on social media sites such as facebook. I, myself, well...I was unwell. However...I did have a chance to make some cookies.

I used my favourite cookie recipe which is called "sugar cookies" - which are basically, vanilla biscuits. Then, I got down to business. I should have done a step-by-step guide, but I took long enough making them that any longer to spend on them would have killed my back (which I am having major problems with, but that's another story!)

Firstly, I made a couple of cardboard (you could use plastic) templates in a rectangular shape to cut around to make the cookies "flag" shaped. Using a sharp knife, cut around the cardboard. Please only use cardboard/plastic which has come from food packaging as this is classed as "food safe"

One these were cooked, I set to the mammoth task of cutting fondant icing sugar in the shapes I needed.

I had a pack of white fondant, a pack of red fondant and a pack of blue fondant....can you guess what I did?

I rolled out the white fondant, and using one of the cardboard shapes i'd made, cut rectangles and put them to one side to "set" a little. No need to add tylo or any other hardener to these as they are sitting flat and you don't want to be biting through hard icing!

Whilst these were setting, I cut out a cross of red (bit like the red cross from the St Georges flag) and put these to one side.

Then the difficult part....the blue shape. This is super difficult to describe, but basically the template had the cross left in and then the blocks going up at diagonals. Take another look at the cookies - you'll get what I mean! Then cut into the spaces of this template and keep the cutouts (they should be little triangles) as these are the bits you need.

Then, using my FMM ribbon cutter - I cut little strips of red to add finishing touches.

Now to assemble.

Using a bit of water as a glue - lay the white fondant on the cookie. Then add the blue bits - I put the template on the cookie for this and slotted the blue triangles back in place. Then add the red cross, and finally stick on some thin strips of red on the white.

VoilĂ !

Apologies for the mass of time I'll get snap happy!

Speak soon.x.

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