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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Roses - The Tutorial

First of all you need to have some fondant with a touch of tylo so it will harden.

Then, roll a small amount into a ball then change the angle of your hands so you make a point like so:
This forms the centre of the rose.

Now roll out a small sausage, no longer than the height of the centre

Then flatten the sausage so it's very thin like a petal

Then wrap this around the centre of the flower like so

Gradually add more petals until a rose starts to form. Make the petals by rolling a small ball of fondant and then rolling it out into a petal shape on the ball of your hand (at the base of the thumb)

At this stage the base of your rose is getting pretty fat, so pick it up, squeeze the base and twist until it breaks off

Add around 8 petals or until you think you have enough, and done!

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