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Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Pig - The Tutorial


Firstly, apologies for the lack of updates - I've been having a few issues with the layout on Blogger and have been a little busy!

The last two weeks of classes have consisted of making a few more flowers and learning how to cover a cake board and hide the joins between the board and the cake. This week we are doing the cake itself so fingers crossed I will have something to show you.

Now though, the pig!

Using the pink icing I coloured in the colouring tutorial I made this pig.

Now - how to make it!

Firstly roll one ball for the head and a small one for the snout.

Then, flatten the small ball out into a slightly oval shape and make two small holes with a cocktail stick. Glue these on with a bit of edible glue or water (water takes longer to dry so I would recommend the glue here. You can get this from most cake suppliers)

Then make two more small balls for the ears. Flatten and stape into little points. Using either a cocktail stick or a ball tool (I will detail the kit I use in a further post, but these are widely available at a range of prices, so shop around) make a small indent into the point to make the inside part of the ears

Then, roll out a ball a bit bigger than the head, which becomes the body.

You will then need to roll out a long sausage of fondant for the legs, and cut into four equal pieces. At one end of these pieces make a slight lip for the body to sit in

Then, glue the legs onto the body and leave to dry for a few minutes. As long as the legs are quite short, you shouldn't need to give the body any support, but you could use those little candy sticks inside the fondant as extra support. Once this is done and they have been left to dry for around 5 - 10 minutes, turn the body over, and glue the head on. You must support the head otherwise it will drop off!!

As you will see in the above picture, while this is drying I have made a thin sausage on fondant and wrapped it around the cocktail stick for the tail, leave this to set for a few minutes, make a small hole with a cocktail stick at the pigs, well, bum, and then add some glue to the tail and, insert.

Make two small holes on the pigs face as eyes, and add a touch of black gel colour on the end of a cocktail stick to make them black. Et Voila!


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